• July 4th, 2020

San urged to capitalise on opportunities

TSINTSABIS - Environment and tourism minister Pohamba Shifeta has urged the San community to capitalise on opportunities presented to them by government, such as free access to education. 

“The government has made it a priority to provide access and free education to the San community since the early 90s, beginning from primary up to tertiary level. As the youth, you have the opportunities that your parents never had; therefore, make good use of them and never waste such chances,” stressed Shifeta to a packed community hall at Tsintsabis Combined School. Shifeta was addressing community members and school learners of the small settlement situated 60 kilometres north east of Tsumeb. Tsintsabis was initially a farm but has since been declared a settlement and falls under the Guinas constituency. 

“It is very important for the San community to conduct tangible economic programmes that can sustain them; that is the reason why government bought farms to resettle you, so that you can be able to begin projects that will improve your living standards. Therefore, seize such opportunities – make greater use of it,” reiterated Shifeta to a crowd that was also treated to a new year’s party. The event also coincided with a back to school campaign to motivate the San pupils. 

“If you excel and prioritise education, then we can all start talking about development, beginning here in Tsintsabis and then the nation at large, but in the absence of that, we won’t see any change in our communities,” he added. The councillor for Guinas, Betty Kaula, who served as school principal at Tsinstabis for 21 years, said the settlement is still faced with a number of challenges.  

“Where we are sitting today was an army barrack, which was then renovated and turned into a hall, library and kindergarten. We still needed development and more services to this community,” added Kaula. 

Obrien Simasiku
2020-01-20 07:14:26 | 5 months ago

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