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Scholarships pave Nust students’ paths

2023-11-29  Pricilla Mukokobi

Scholarships pave Nust students’ paths

The Grandview Klein Diamond Group has bestowed academic dreams upon two deserving students at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust). 

Rian Helao and Ester Ndadi, both navigating the financial challenges of higher education, have been awarded scholarships, which is a beacon of hope to illuminate their education journey.

Facing the widespread struggle to meet tuition fees, the two students have encountered financial roadblocks that are hindering their pursuit of knowledge.  Rian Helao, a fourth-year student, has grappled with this difficulty for three years.  “I would like to thank Grandview Klein Diamond Group and Nust for seeing my potential. This scholarship serves as a motivation to excel in my academic path. From now onwards, it will encourage me to do better in my academic journey and even after graduation. I will forever be grateful,” she said.  

She added that without this scholarship, there was a possibility she was not going to graduate next year, as her tuition was in arrears. 

 Furthermore, this scholarship not only enhances her financial security but also enforces her belief in the power of education to drive socio-economic growth. 

“This scholarship serves as a beacon of encouragement, motivating me to strive and contribute to a meaningful community. I am very grateful to be one of the recipients,” she said.

Director of Research and Innovation at the Ministry of Higher Education Lisho Mundia said sponsorships such as this are welcome, as they support the national agenda in realising our encouragement towards smart collaboration with industries – but also in realising a Namibian child’s dreams of becoming a graduate.

“Dear recipients, take this as a great opportunity that comes once and use it wisely. Your fields of study are among the priority fields in our national research programme. As such, I urge you to take your time and find gaps that will contribute to the national development agenda,” he said. 

He added that addressing the unique challenges contributes to national development.

Mundia urged the Grandview Klein Diamond Group to make long-term collaboration with Nust, especially in advancing the research laboratory and research through NCRST. 

According to Naema Amalwa, the director of Grandview Klein Diamond Namibia, they have sent 50 students to South Africa to be trained in diamond processing.

The students have since graduated, and they are employed in the diamond industry.

“It is also important just to mention that they just fed last year’s grind; Grandview also invests in health by buying dialysis machines,” said Amalwa

2023-11-29  Pricilla Mukokobi

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