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Telecom Namibia launches services in Kavango West

2019-04-23  Staff Reporter

Telecom Namibia launches services in Kavango West

Nambara Stefanus

NKURENKURU - Namibia’s giant telecommunications service provider Telecom Namibia officially opened a Teleshop in Nkurenkuru and launched its services in various parts of Kavango West Region.

At the ceremony, the telecommunications service provider’s acting chief executive officer Calvin Muniswaswa said that multi-service access node (MSAN) has been installed in certain parts of the region. 

“These devices connect customer telephone lines to the Telecom Namibia core network in order to provide telephone and broadband services through technologies such as Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) and Very High Bit Rate Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL) all from a single platform,” he said.

He added that these sites can be upgraded further in future to fibre-based technologies such as Gigabit Passive Optional Networks (GPON).

The company has also installed TD LTE, a 4G technology at Nkurenkuru for fixed wireless services and introduced a MSAN at Nankudu. Communities of Rupara, Katwitwi, Mururani, Ngone and Bunya now have access to 3G technology.
The Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Engel Nawatiseb said that the launch of these services to the region will enable communities to have access to their families across the globe, banking services, social media platforms and various applications, among others.

“This is a very important and meaningful undertaking to the development and modernisation of the ICT sector. Over the years, we have seen Telecom Namibia achieve great successes. The company continues to realise achievements like this and without a doubt remains the nation’s leading broadband and backbone infrastructure service provider,” he added.
He further said that the government recognizes the strategic importance of ICT and the major role it plays in contributing to the social-economic development of the country and its citizens.

“Various achievements in the sector since 1992, with the establishment of Telecom Namibia, have demonstrated clearly our ongoing commitments and government’s political will toward supporting the growth and development of the sector.” 

2019-04-23  Staff Reporter

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