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Walk-away mom returns… as Good Samaritans come together to aid family in need

2020-03-12  Obrien Simasiku

Walk-away mom returns… as Good Samaritans come together to aid family in need

OMADHIYA –Good Samaritans have responded positively to an article carried in New Era a fortnight ago about a destitute family and whose household a 12-year-old girl was heading. 

The walk-away mother Maria Simon who had abandoned the family has also since returned home. The family of eight received donations, including building materials to help erect a sleeping structure, as well as food items. 

The councillor of Oniipa constituency Jerry Ngwena handed over the donated items and promised to provide the family with food for the remainder of the year, considering that the mahangu field was not cultivated. 
Teenager Esther Haimbodi (12), who was heading the household, had to abandon her school in order to take care of her younger siblings.

She decided not to go back to her paternal grandmother’s house where she was living, after she discovered that her mother had abandoned her six siblings between the ages of two and 16. 

The children live in an open space surrounded by mahangu crops. The only adult they live with is their 44-year-old uncle who suffers from a mental condition. Haimbodi has two older siblings who are 15 and 16 and four younger ones that are between the ages of two and nine. Simon claimed she was out in search of work and not necessarily running away from home. 

During the handover, fellow villagers castigated Simon, accusing her of being lazy and for not being there for her family. 

“We assisted after taking note of the dire situation you find yourselves in, that is why we had to commit, but as our family members have said, try to be a responsible parent that can guide these children to prosperity than letting them suffer. 

We understand your deplorable state, but that doesn’t mean inability. We will assist with the basics till December, as by then we believe you will be able to put something on the table,” stressed Ngwena.
Another Good Samaritan, Mario Mwenyo Upite, donated food and a cash amount of N$6 000 through his business. 

“I grew up in a poor family, and I managed to work hard and get where I am today, so as a mother don’t shy away from your duty and encourage the children for a better tomorrow,” he stated.

2020-03-12  Obrien Simasiku

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