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Waters keeps the flow on sophomore album ‘Becoming’

2023-05-29  Correspondent

Waters keeps the flow on sophomore album ‘Becoming’

Rukee Kaakunga


Fresh off his Metro FM Award win, Namibian singer-song writer Harry Mutambo Junior Tjipueja, better known as Waters, dropped his sophomore studio album on Friday. 

Titled ‘Becoming’, the 16-track album sees the musician continue the melodic flow fans got to know him for when he burst onto the music scene in 2021.

An ode to his experiences in the music industry, the album is a poetic masterpiece that will no doubt appeal to many music lovers, young and old.

“‘Becoming’ is a journey of knowledge acquisition and self-discovery, a never-ending pursuit of a better self. This progressive mindset has fuelled my creativity and shaped the narrative of my album,” said Waters.

He added that ‘Becoming’ is not just a fixed destination towards a particular goal, but
about constant growth, evolution and self-improvement.

The upbeat track ‘Na Enjoyment’ kickstarts the project as a perfect party starter, fit for a weekend of enjoyment.

Waters gets intimate on ‘Bad Intentions’, a track which stands to become a favourite amongst the ladies.

The velvet-voiced vocalist once again serenades the ladies in ‘Star Signs’, a song that hits all the right notes.  On ‘Save Me Tonight’, Waters’ favourite track on the album, he delves into the issue of mental health, saying: “It addresses the societal pressure that pushes individuals to project an ideal image of themselves, even as their personal lives may be in turmoil. It’s a
raw and honest account of mental health battles, casting light on these hidden struggles and providing a beacon of empathy and understanding”.

“We worked tirelessly to combine our skills and creativity to pen and produce every track. Each of us brought a unique perspective, resulting in a diverse yet cohesive album that embodies the soul of our collaborative efforts,” said Waters.

Also part of the tracklist on the album is the award-winning single ‘Kwelizayo’ which features South African musician Mashudu. A reflection on the volatility of romantic relationships, ‘Kwelizayo’ is a celebration of black love, said Waters.

‘Becoming’ was written by Waters, DJ Kboz and Mr Glo,
and was mixed and mastered by
DJ Kboz and Mr Glo at the TNA Music and Entertainment

The album is available on all major digital platforms, while physical copies are still in production.


* Rukee Kaakunga is a communications specialist, freelance writer and blogger. 

2023-05-29  Correspondent

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