• January 25th, 2020

What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- The connotation of motherhood is practically limitless. As Namibia and the world gear up to celebrate Mother's Day this Sunday, Entertainment Now! spoke to familiar personalities in the entertainment industry on what Mothers’ day means to them and how they plan on celebrating it.

Bronson Tjihukununa aka K3ynote: Member of the group MasZanga

 Mother’s Day is one special day that comes once in a year and that is a reminder of how special that one woman is. With a salary of a domestic worker with no father in the picture, I regard my mother as a superhero. One tough, multi-tasking human-being that graduated from all types of trials and tribulations, yet she is always there standing strong. That’s what Mother’s Day means to me. 
On Sunday, I will record a soulful song, dedicated to her and this song will be on my solo album which is in the pipeline.
Salmi Shigwedha: Media and Communication Practitioner
Mother’s Day is an appreciation day for all mothers. They are loving, caring and present through the ups and downs of life. What I am planning on doing for my mom is to take her to a spa so that she can relax and feel awesome like the mother she is.
Ian Wellington aka N.I.A: 
Hip-hop artiste
Mother's Day is a very special day, we get to spoil and appreciate the women who gave us life and the women who gave us our greatest blessings from God (our children). It means so much to me because I love my mom very much, I thank God every day that I still have my mother because so many don’t. On this day, I plan on pampering my mom with flowers, chocolate and food and a day at the spa.  

Helena Ngaifiwa: Businesswoman and founder of Simply You magazine
Every woman is a mother that is worth embracing. We have been blessed with the gift of giving birth to a child. Women raise children every day. On Mother’s Day, I would want the children to appreciate their mothers’ efforts. They should take out time and serve their mothers and let them know that they are grateful and thankful. It should register at the back of every child’s mind that it doesn’t matter what you are going through, the fact that someone carried you for nine months and took care of you speaks volumes when it comes to motherhood. And, this is someone that cherishes and loves you. 

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