• December 6th, 2020

Where are they now?

SWAKOPMUND – Stella is a name that has a bit of clout, especially in the local music circles – and she is as well-known as any of our best-known musicians in the country but have you ever wondered to where the ‘Kapepo’ hitmaker disappeared?
The final Namibia Award Music Awards (NAMAs) got us nostalgic for the good old days, as they brought the sorely missed Stella back on stage.
The songstress, who still has the same umph and stage presence like she never left, had a brief chat with Entertainment Now! to give insight in her current life after going on a music break.

Although she was hesitant to reveal much, Stella !Naruses simply said she has been hard at work with different projects, mostly circulated around education.
“Just busy trying other initiatives – not to be revealed to the public yet, but in due time definitely, but I was and still am busy,” she said sceptically. 
Although the reserved soloist thinks the current music industry is more advanced and privileged compared to then, she is uncertain at the moment if she will ever return.

“If I have to, then I will think about it in a more mature way,” she said. 
The Omaruru-born singer rose to stardom after releasing her debut album ‘Kapepo’ in 2004, making the album title track an instant anthem.
The success of the album granted her a nomination in the KORA Awards in 2005 in the category of the Best Female Artist.
“I also represented Namibia at the Mmino mix festival in South Africa where I shared the stage with Oliver Mtukudzi, Hugh Masekela, Ray Phiri, Johnny Clegg, Ladysmith Black Mambaso and many more,” she outlined some of her greatest achievements.

Being one of the artists in the country who have achieved many milestones in their music careers, Stella gave few hints that made her who she is today: “never reply to negative comments on social media; never put yourself above others; never disrespect any of your fans or colleagues, regardless of how young, old, big or small they are. What you must do is always stay humble. It doesn’t matter how good you are; there is always something you can learn from somebody, so talk less and listen more”.

Stella is married to her best friend and long-time producer Steven !Naruseb and they have kids together.
Giving her last words as the interview concludes, Namibian bona fide star encourages aspiring artists to always be natural, love what they do and do music from the heart.
- ashikololo@nepc.com.na

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