• July 24th, 2019
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Young woman determined to make mark in business

LÜDERITZ – Angelina Shetu Fillemon (24) is determined to make her own mark in the business sector.  
Born and bred in the city of lights, Windhoek, Fillemon is set on becoming a successful entrepreneur. From a tender age, she has always wanted to become a businesswoman. “My mother had a tuck shop at home and when she passed on, I felt like I needed to keep her legacy alive,” says she. She is owner of Ang-Fil Boutique which caters for outfits for weddings, matric farewells and all other functions.  “People are frequently amazed by fashion, and would always want to look good.  We sell clothes to all, male or female, we cater for everybody,” says Fillemon.  

With a lot of competition in her line of business, Fillemon is not complaining, saying her boutique is doing extremely well and she is satisfied.  Fillemon adds that her mentor, Foreversun Haiduwah, inspires her to strive for greatness. Apart from owning a boutique, she also sells hair, all types and textures, with her clientele ranging from 20 to 40 years.  She also registers companies but she currently only registers close corporations.

Thus one can say she is a ‘Jill of all trades’ planning for a strong marketing team equipped with modern advertising skills and tools. She encourages the youth to be innovative and to strive towards creating own businesses to reduce the unemployment rate in the country. “It is not easy at all but an entrepreneur is someone who is willing to take risks. Go after your dreams but also find a business coach or mentor who will ensure you reach greater heights,” concluded Fillemon.

Tuulikki Abraham
2018-10-31 09:23:10 8 months ago

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